Marvel’s Black Panther movie has seen groundbreaking success since its release. The movie has won several awards and continues to hold a record for reaching over $1 Billion within it’s first 26 days at the box office.

While fans await for the next film, Disney revealed its intention to donate $1 million to the Boys and Girls Club of America to help expand their STEM programs. There are also speculations that the money will be used to innovate STEM Center in Oakland and California.

The CEO of Walt Disney Company, Bog Igler, noted that Black Panther is a “masterpiece of movie making” which has motivated a lot of people in discovering their purpose of life irrespective of societal factors. To show its appreciation for the positive response to Black Panther, Disney will donate some money to STEM programs to empower it and enable the Boys and Girls Club to build the future they want.


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